Year 12 Students teaching Year 8 French

When the Year 12 came back from the summer holidays, we discussed with them about what could happen during the first term: they were offered to teach French to a class of Year 8 students at Matamata Intermediate, which they accepted. Before thinking about planning lessons and topics, students had to give their parents a letter ( letter to parents.pdf ) explaining what the project was going to involve but also asking permission to be filmed.

Meanwhile, Linda Hodge's Year 8 class filled a questionnaire where they could tick which topics they wanted to learn during this term with the year 12 (what do you want to learn.doc ). When the class had finished to fill in the questionnaire, the Year 12 were able to work out what they will teach through sorting their answers. The Year 12 created their teaching team and we put together a teaching timetable ().

← A video of the Year 12 teaching the Year 8 class.

After their first lesson teaching, the Year 12 have been asked to reflect on their teaching. →

← At the end of the course, the year 12 recorded another video-journal.