Why this Wiki?

Learning Languages is one of the eight learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. Schools ought to offer their students the opportunity to learn a second language at years 7 to 10.

Teachers all over the country are looking at ways to do this in the best possible way in order to introduce or strengthen a significant language learning program at Intermediate level in particular.

It is while we were working with the teachers and students at Matamata Intermediate that we thought of sharing our experience by creating this wiki.
Maybe the dual project we conducted there will be of interest to other teachers looking at ways of meeting the requirement of the NZC.

But beyond solely presenting the project we have worked on, this wiki may become over time a collection of initiatives from teachers in various parts of the country who successfully implement the Learning Languages area in their school curriculum.

A lot of thinking outside the square and making do with little or no budget are often necessary: yet many teachers, through collaboration, cooperation and willingness to embrace professional development, acquire the necessary skills to deliver an engaging and meaningful language program in their school.

If you are one of these people or if you are only at the planning stage, you are cordially invited to share your stories on this wiki: your successes, the obstacles you have to overcome, your experiences (or lack thereof) with Learning Languages in your school, your aspirations and what in your opinion would support your efforts.

Become a member* of Learning Languages NZCurriculum wiki, create your pages, start discussions and contribute to the growing community of teachers at Years 7-10 who are embarking in the Learning Languages exciting adventure!

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Learning Languages Curriculum Documents
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Learning Languages Achievement Objectives
Learning Languages Curriculum Guides are designed to support the design of Programmes of Learning and suggest examples in the Support Materials section for each language.